Intercultural Business Seminars

Morgan Intercultural offers group business briefings and workshops that build global skills, focused on your organization’s specific business needs.


Whether your employees are traveling or working overseas or are interacting across cultures from corporate headquarters, our group intercultural training programs help develop global leaders, equipped with the skills they need for global business success.

Our highly customized intercultural group business seminars are among our most popular training programs and often include topics such as the following:

  • Country-Specific Intercultural Business Training Programs (i.e., Doing Business in Germany, Doing Business in Singapore, etc.)

  • India-Related Group Business Seminars

  • Building Intercultural Competence/Developing Global Mindset

  • Global Awareness Programs

  • Diversity & Inclusion Workshops/Inclusive Leadership Workshops

  • Multicultural and Virtual Team-Building Programs

Our group business programs may follow any number of different formats to meet our clients' needs, such as the following:
  • Full-day or two-day group business training programs

  • Half-day programs

  • Lunch programs

  • Keynote speaking

Intercultural business seminars can help your managers develop a global mindset

A 2010 SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) survey of HR managers found that cross-cultural intelligence and a global intelligence/global mindset were among the top ten qualities needed by successful managers

Get in touch with us. We'd love to get to know more about you and your company and the intercultural challenges your company is facing. Let's talk about how Morgan Intercultural can help your company function more smoothly and effectively across cultural borders.