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What People Say

Relocation from Spain to

the U.S.

“Simply spectacular. He is really, really good. Two days really well worked. My overall opinion is really excellent. Thank you to my company for this opportunity.”

Relocation from Canada

to Norway

“Tom was very good at presenting the bigger picture of relocation, not just nuances of behavior and customs. This was really helpful, and prepared us in a much better way.”

Relocation from the U.S.   

to Switzerland

“Superb! Tom has excellent communication skills, he is highly professional and educated in many areas, not just an average trainer.”

Real testimonials from participants in

our training, coaching & consulting programs

Aerospace Manufacturer of   Aircraft Engines and Avionics,

Group Training: 

Doing Business in India

“This class should be given to all employees by this trainer. Outstanding course.”


“Very satisfied. Valuable that instructor had direct experience. Instructor was very versatile and knowledgeable. Enjoyed it!”


“I liked the pictures used to illustrate the concepts covered in the class. Great class!”


“The biggest enjoyable factor of the training was allowing open dialogue and flexibility in deviating from outline.”


“Terrific job by Tom! It was very interesting. I liked the class. He was knowledgeable.”

“Things I learned will definitely make me more effective in working and interacting with people from India, as well as in other high-context communication cultures.”


“Thanks for being flexible on the agenda and letting us talk it out. Good class!”


“I will apply what I have learned in telecons and when I travel to India.”


“I have encountered multiple situations with India in the past related to schedule commitments and their ability to perform the assignments. I now understand that I could have worked with them differently and I will in the future. I will spend more times working on the relationship and being more clear on the deadlines.”


“Trainer very knowledgeable and conveyed his knowledge very well. Excellent class!”


“Tom gave me a great value. He was able to adapt to our concerns and to provide us a toolbox for our journey in the US and in my global position. Thanks for it! Great day…thank you!”

Major U.S. Film Studio,

Group Training--Working with Bollywood Studios in India

  • Would Recommend the Program to Others: 100% strongly agreed


  • “Found Most Valuable”: “The guest facilitator”

General Comments:

  • “The facilitator had stories to share that I enjoyed.”

  • “Analyzing the dimensions—which helped explain why we run into ‘culture bumps’ between U.S. and India.”

  • “The overview of India’s history and culture was very important to help understand the differences in perspectives.”

  • “The course content and presentation were interesting, informative and on-point. Very, very helpful.”

  • “Tom was terrific and the information presented triggered many “aha” moments.”

  • “Facilitator was great; very knowledgeable.”

  • “The facilitator was very knowledgeable and had interesting stories to tell. Overall, I feel as though I learned a lot and had fun.”

Cultural Sensitivity Webinar for Housing Counselors Working with Immigrant Communities in the U.S., for UnidosUS (largest national Hispanic advocacy organization)

"The cultural sensitivity webinar was an eye opener for me. I am in a host culture and I find myself adjusting to the US values, time, individualism, education and confronted with the struggle to keep my values, family, ethnicity, generation, culture. This webinar has helped me to understand and see the clients in front of me in a different way. 

"We were advised to be curious, focused on relationships, learn from others, be patient, don't be judgmental and enjoy interactions... everything that a counselor should be. "